Contract] Equipment Programmer – Belgium

Contract] Equipment Programmer – Belgium

Job title: Contract] Equipment Programmer – Belgium

Company: microTECH Global

Job description: Develop and implement Interference Lithography software control and operational software using Python that interactively works between manual and automatic modes, tracks and logs exposure jobs including beam alignment, focus, xy-mapping, xyz-alignmnet and multiple exposure processes.
The assignment
Working with AttoLab scientists, define criteria and logic to automate the motion of the stages and wafer exposure and then implement by writing program to control all subsystems interactively as needed for loading and beam setup followed by fully automated during exposure needed to correctly process wafers:

  • Load-lock for manual wafer loading to the wafer chuck before exposure setup and exposure, and extraction from process vacuum chamber after processing including transfer process (between load-lock and wafer chuck):
  • Pre-Alignment Checks: EUV flux should next be checked by positioning over a photodiode (may need manual help to get started) or using a CCD and log all activities
  • Beam alignment procedures using beamline mirror stages and pick-in/out assemblies sending near-point + far point beams to a CCD and use optimization algorithms (maybe simple hill-climbing?) and bounds to prevent run-away (can debate leaving some of this manual due to difficulties) and log all activities
  • Start Exposure runs – map xy wafer positions, check and adapt positions xyz and execute matrix of number exposures with programmed exposure conditions. During exposure runs (which could last 10s of hours) detect any: power drops, spatial and/or pointing drifts, instability – correct across the variety of stages, using predefined stage motion to compensate and log all activities

Required knowledge and skills

  • Software architecture
  • Python programming
  • Ability to write a user interface with rudimentary GUI Knowledge of working with hardware drivers
  • Ability to work with a team of system users
  • Knowledge (speaking and writing) of English is essential

Duration of the assignment

  • Minimum 3 months, possible extension

Desired start date and work regime

  • As soon as available, preference early July. Due to the project deadline candidates already based in Belgium are preferred.
  • Fulltime, 5 days/week, 40 hours


  • Leuven, preference of being onsite at least 1 to 2 days/week
  • Remote working is possible

Expected salary:

Location: Louvain, Brabant Flamand

Job date: Wed, 23 Jun 2021 05:17:47 GMT

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